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Successful commercial arbitration and litigation lawyers must keep current on new developments in their field.

While arbitrators’ awards are typically confidential and unavailable, there is a growing body of court-based jurisprudence about the scope, process and procedures of arbitration, which counsel and arbitrators absolutely need to know about to be effective. There are also many cases on contract interpretation and remedies which are relevant in many commercial arbitrations and litigation.

In this blog, we hope to help commercial arbitration and litigation lawyers stay current by concisely summarizing noteworthy Ontario and other Canadian cases. On some cases, we may add an editorial comment.

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Case #104E – Pereira v. TYLT Technologies Inc. (TYLTGO)

ONTARIO – Shareholder Disputes – Oppression Remedy – On an application for relief from oppression by the founder and senior employee of a small corporation, who had been removed as
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Case #103E – Prospector PTE Ltd. v. CGX Energy Inc.

ONTARIO – Arbitration – Application to enforce two UK arbitral awards pursuant to the International Commercial Arbitration Act, 2017 – The grounds for refusing to enforce an arbitral award on
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Case #102M – Reed v. Cooper-Gordon Ltd. et al, 2023 ONSC 5261 (CanLII)

ONTARIO – Arbitration – Leave to Appeal – There are limited avenues of appeal from an arbitral award under section 45(1) of the Arbitrations Act, 1991. That section only applies
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Case #101M – Toronto Standard v. Distillery SE, 2023 ONSC 5340 (CanLII)

ONTARIO – Arbitration – Appointment of Arbitrator – Where there is an agreement on the essential terms of an arbitrator’s appointment, it need not be incorporated into a formal executed
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